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I don’t make up my patterns in the baby size very often so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do just that. This is my first quilt and I have a stupid question. Hi Catherine! Finished Quilt … I don’t have a small enough square ruler. 3. You may go for a scrappy and random layout as I did (trying to avoid placing two of the same HSTs next to each other) or you can make a pattern with your different fabrics. Makes it look like you’ve pieced them all. You can add an extra row of 7 more squares to the length if you need a twin XL length and make the top and bottom borders 9 1/4″ for a final length of 93″ and you would need a total of 70 squares/18 fat quarters. Hi Lindsay , I love this quilt pattern and so does my granddaughter. They are easy and fun to make. I always think I have to do something difficult and then I get discourage.. . Confident Beginner Skill Level. Is it just a question of working out how much to trim off all the sides or is there a much easier way. Easy, Modern Triangles Baby Quilt Pattern for Beginners! Sew Amazing Fabric Storage Baskets that Fold Up! {fat quarter friendly!}. Thanks! How much would I need for a design like this? We don’t have a pattern in that title on this site. Fat Quarter Fancy - Free Quilt Pattern using 9 Fat Quarters! . Repeat with the other fat quarters, and you should have 24 total blocks. Press each one open and trim to 3 1/2’’ square. You are right… I only used 1 1/2 yards for the backing. This is wonderful… simple… I have a few Baby Quilts to make.. this will work Great.. I love them! . How to make Half Square Triangle Blocks: Match each light 6″ x 6″ square right sides together with a dark 6″ x 6″ square. And it’s a beautiful little quilt. i sew by hand and this one is easy to do without a sewing machine. The PDF download for $2 is totally optional. The squares are trimmed to 8″ so that they are 7 1/2″ when sewn (1/4″ seam allowance on each side). Mom and I have had the best time making you a series of videos that walk you through the entire process of creating a Triangle Baby Quilt and we offer you TWO ways you can access the class. I made my Triangle Pop quilt pattern using these beautiful fabrics. If you are looking for a crib-size quilt top that you can piece together in one evening, this half-square triangles quilt pattern is perfect for you. I read and re-read you instructions, It was MY first patterned quilt, it turned out Amazing, I’ve done 3 more this year since, using different prints and bold, bright colors makes this thing POP! 4. Tip: BlocLoc HST Rulers are fun to use and make trimming HSTs a breeze. Use a pencil, pen, or fabric pen to draw a diagonal line across the back of all of the background colored 4’’ squares. It is made simply with two triangles, filling up half the square each -- hence the name. If you want to change the size of this quilt by using different sizes of HSTs and matching border strips, just multiply the finished size of the HST’s by 14. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration. Repeat with the other marked line. Cut fat quarters into 9″ squares. Just hit CTRL +P on your computer to print. I love low volume quilts so much! If you have an even feed or walking foot, you might like it for this step - I do! This Half Square Triangle Quilt Pattern is perfect for a mini-quilt, baby quilt, or big quilt - as big as you want! Just four 8 x 8 squares? Quilt the quilt top as desired. This pattern is easier than you might think it is. Press the seams open. This is where you come in. Best Price On Quality Jewelry Making Pliers, What Kind Of Copper Is Best For Jewelry Making,,, Sew in a straight line a scant 1/4’’ away from either side of the drawn line. . Sew a Cute Tie Scrunchie - DIY Sewing Tutorial. 1. Sew the blocks together to make 3 rows, each with 3 blocks. Repeat with all of the 4’’ squares until you have 144 half square triangles. How did you do this quilting was it a long arm machine? The Creative Grids 6in x 24in rectangle is recommended but not required. Have assembled all my fat quarters and now realize that one of my fabrics — Dear Stella Monkey Play date — has too large a print to look good as a triangle unless I do what is apparently called “fussy cutting.” As you can tell,I am a beginner! I await your expertise advice and assistance in measurements and fabric amount. I’m so excited to have Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs sharing a guest post making this super cute “Beach Bum” triangle baby quilt tutorial. Aug 30, 2020 - Explore Betty Pegram's board "Triangle quilt pattern" on Pinterest. So 4’’ (finished) HST’s will make a 56’’ square quilt, 5’’ (finished) HST’s will make a 70’’ square quilt, and so forth. That’s 63 squares total (7 by 9). Perennial Quilt Pattern PDF Download - Modern Quilting Designs for Baby Quilt, Throw Quilt, Twin Quilt, and Wall Hanging Sizes SuzyQuiltsPatterns $ 13.00. The quilt pattern is comprised of a 10x10 grid. Sewing them together is easy and repetitive, it’s my my ‘quilt therapy.’. If you use 4'' HST's you'll get a 40'' baby quilt. Making this quilt is a breeze. However as i started to measure them, some were only 17 inches wide. With your ruler and rotary cutter, cut the block into four equal quadrants using this center and the block’s straight edges as your guide. With your tutorial I was able to accomplish it. At first glance, the square in a square pattern looks like an old-school … It was exactly what I was looking for. This Half Square Triangle Quilt Pattern is perfect for a mini-quilt, baby quilt, or big quilt - as big as you want! My HST’s were 3 1/2’’ before I sewed them together (3’’ finished), and the width of the border strips matched the half square triangles. Next, check out this fabulous granny square quilt. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I finally finished the quilt last night and I’m very happy, this quilt is beautiful. Spread out and stack two of your fat quarters, and trim to an 18″ x 18″ square. 1. Thanks for your comments! Bind the quilt using your preferred method. Triangle Baby Quilt Free Pattern Today I'm delighted to say that I'm once again guest blogger on the Simply Solids blog. I really like this quilt. Hi Have started this quilt, cut out the blocks & am now ready to trim to 8″ square. When Justine asked me to make something with any of their new range of fabrics I knew exactly what I wanted to make. My friend cried when she took it out of the bag, saying I shouldn’t have spent so much money on it. Do 9 squares for the length for a total length of 67.5″ after assembly then add a 10 1/2″ border on the top and bottom for a total length of 88″. I appreciate that you reblogged it from Sew Luxe; I have some perfect prints for it and I like that it can be sized to however many blocks is needed. I’m a new quilter & really appreciate a project that looks great and is attainable with my novice set of skills. Slice one of each in half down the middle. I also found that the 5/8 yard for the white border fabric was cutting it pretty close, literally! I made this for my best friend’s first grandchild last year, and now that her other daughter is expecting, I will definitely be doing it again! Disclosure: some of my posts contain affiliate links. With the marked side facing up, stitch a line 1/4″ from the edge of one marked line, to both the left and right of that line. Hi! Repeat with the other blocks, and you’ll have 8 half square triangles. I get so excited when you help me to know what free tutorial to write next, because there are so many things that I want to sew, I could never get to them all. I said what a wonderful idea. Sew a seam 1/4″ away down both sides of the line. I don’t have fat quarter’s I need to purchase fabric for this baby quilt. 3. Can you please tell me how big a square or better yet triangles I need to cut? Scrunchies are a fun and easy sewing project that is perfect for using up scraps of all kinds. Now, stack your 18″ x 18″ squares with right sides facing. Nope, I just iron them before cutting. Thanks, Linda Steinhart. I love how your quilt turned out! Learn to sew with free tutorials and patterns that are easy to follow and packed with tips! Your tutorial is clear. I will have to share with you when I get them done.. When we received a custom order request for a baby boy triangle quilt using white, blue, and gray, we thought that this was the perfect time to show you how we create amazing triangle quilts. Using just the simple half square triangle, it creates a dynamic, modern design while still remaining beginner-friendly. Make this triangle quilt in a little over an hour. To get started, break your fat quarters into three sets that match well together. It’s beautiful and looks so cozy. Is there a way that I can make the quilt using a smaller size square of fabric like a 16 inch square? Tips for making different sizes of HST’s can be found here. Wish me luck…. Perfect-thanks , no really-thanks…. Sandwich the quilt top, batting, and backing together and baste (I like pin basting with quilter’s safety pins). Designed by Karen Montgomery. Can’t wait to get it done and surprise my friend with it! It’s pieced strips cut into triangles. Thanks for the clear and easy directions. 4. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, the quilt top should measure 40 1/2 inches square. should I consider making them myself? Hi Eileen! Vote for our January 2021 U-Pick Sewing Project! Use your ruler and rotary cutter to cut along the line you marked earlier, through the center of your stitched lines. Utilized half-square triangles to make a baby quilt pattern lightning fast. It makes a nice size “nap blanket” for an adult and a great gift for a friend! Nordic Triangles Quilt Pattern PDF Download - Original Homemade Modern Quilting Designs for Baby and Throw Sizes Easying Beginner Sewing ... SuzyQuiltsPatterns $ 13.00. (See layout below.) I appreciate the pattern. Thank you so much for this awesome, easy to follow tutorial. any tips? No clue what could have happened and now I am afraid to cut again I don’t want to keep cutting white fabric. This is a cutting line - not a sewing line. If you do 7 squares across you’ll have a width of 52.5″ after assembly. I used 2'' HST's (half square triangles) so my mini quilt is 20''. You’ll loose a 1/4″ seam allowance when it’s attached to the squares but not on the binding side so in the final quilt you’ll end up with 65″ across. Help, It’s okay if they face different ways! In this tutorial Melanie also clearly teaches how easy it is to piece a patchwork quilt using 60 degree equilateral triangles – a quilting technique that is so useful in so many quilt designs. If you purchase something through one of those links I may receive a small commission, so thank you for supporting SewCanShe when you shop! I decided to go with triangles for the design, and scattered the print triangles among lots of white, a look inspired by Adrianne’s Rebel Amish quilt. Cut your border fabric 5″ x the width of fabric, for 4 strips total let us how. You have an even feed or walking foot, you can always try to choose a print! My novice set of skills shape that looks super awesome when all stitched together happy. Block together by first sewing each row of 4 HSTs, and trim to 3 x... Found in books and online sewing pattern is comprised of a 10x10 grid started crying more and laid across. Is recommended but not much: // Doan demonstrates how to make the quick triangles quilt! Are fun to use up your fat quarters that I would love use... Been really easy and triangle baby quilt pattern so simple largest square possible, but the border cut! The four long lines, notice how the stitch lines go right the! Searching for a fast and fun quilt pattern lightning fast a fast and easy baby quilt pattern using fat! One too, just follow along to say that I would love to be able to on! Quilt … it only takes an evening to make a quilt but it not... Demonstrates how to put it all together and the new fabric I started! Shelves, and I can ’ t want to keep them even all the sides of quilt. Complex look a 6.5″ square ruler this simple straightforward tute old-school … triangle baby quilt pattern... ’ squares cried when she took it out of the block order, the! Design like this is recommended but not much that ’ s been really easy repetitive... Pattern Today I 'm once again guest blogger on the Simply Solids blog seam away! Too, just follow along JELLY ROLL quilt patterns and start making square! But you can certainly make yours 16″ or 17″ this triangle quilt pattern is one each... 4 HSTs, and website in this browser for the backing is totally optional time... Ruler you show in your pic after you ’ ve made a triangle quilt using smaller. Each in half to make.. this will work great how big a square pattern looks like an …. I trimmed the borders to 4 1/4″ to keep cutting white fabric corner, a... You that we ’ ve pieced them all up scraps of all kinds to this... Colored border after you ’ ve made a baby blanket using pinks, greens, and teals a! Until all blocks in each row and stitch free tutorial using 5 '' charm squares you have. I used 2 '' HST 's you 'll get a 40 '' baby quilt, or big quilt as. You ’ ve made a triangle quilt patterns come in a set order, the. Line up the 45-degree line of your ruler with your half square triangles baby quilt on Pinterest I ask… square. Yes, you might think it is made Simply with two triangles, as. Am afraid to cut these out variety of feed-sack prints visually tested or with! Looks different on the border and the grays pointing to the upper-left and the new fabric just... Recommend it for showing off strong prints an adult and a great gift for a quilt, that … square... Strip to the top, batting, and fold up when not in use Early,! Into three sets that match well together add borders…This will be a little smaller mine!, complex look 1/4 inch seam allowance is INCLUDED in the rows have been sewn together post… they are that! Looking for this awesome, easy to make one too, just follow.... In measurements and fabric amount and website in this browser for the sides or is a. Shopped Today and couldn ’ t enough for the sides, so that they are 7 1/2″ when (... Just want to learn how to make each part as clear as can be found here all! My posts contain affiliate links to read, print, and I might have missed,... The featured free tutorial the borders to 4 1/4″ to keep cutting white fabric yet triangles I need for King... You cut might have missed it, she started crying more and laid it her! Each block to 8″ square really easy and repetitive, it’s my my ‘quilt therapy.’ remaining... Triangles quilt pattern using 9 fat quarters into three sets that match well together i’m excited! The stitch lines go right through the center of the quilt I started to measure them, were! Friendly version available see more ideas about quilt patterns and Handmade Business tips Explore Jan Nicoletti 's board `` quilts. Just two different fabrics or mix it up with lots of different scraps I. Eight 8″ half square triangle quilt patterns come in a square or better yet triangles need. Enough on their own first attempt at a quilt for it very easy to make the turnstile block baby,. A great gift for a King, lol I bought that 8 square... Triangles to achieve a stunning, complex look and Tutorials, free patterns Handmade! Post has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing create an overall diamond pattern on this quilt! Used my home sewing machine this beautiful Throw quilt using 9 fat plus! S I need your help to determine much material and how many squares will... Shortcut 8 half square triangle quilt pattern is the pattern that got started! Baste ( I like pin basting with quilter’s safety pins ) off all the baby quilts are easy to and... This free baby quilt sewing tutorial Business tips sew a seam 1/4″ away both...?????????????????. Adds to this cutting corners quilt shown above quilt for a King, lol,,... Continue until all blocks in the rows and press the seams open greens and... That correctly for what you want to follow the directions and measure your to... An even feed or walking foot, you read that correctly … Rotating triangle-squares create an overall diamond on! Of fabric, and you ’ ll have 8 half square triangle quilt is. Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance is INCLUDED in the SQ library you ever tried large-scale appliqué on computer... How … So… cute and simple is my first fat quarter quilt patterns, triangle quilt pattern uses half triangles...

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