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First, by “sourdough culture” (or “sourdough starter”) I mean a mixture of only water and flour in which two classes of fermentative micro-organisms are cultivated: wild yeasts (not baker’s yeast or Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and beneficial bacteria. Stretching, positioning, and launching the finalized dough balls. Then, I formed, i.e., pre-shaped, barbari dough balls and placed them inside a dough tray/box. Extraction rate: 82% (18% of the bran is removed), Ash in the dry matter (maximum): 0.581-0.70%. There are two methods of producing barbari dough, either by using the khamireh yek marhale (meaning “one-phase dough”, otherwise known as the “direct method” or “direct/straight dough” in the West) or by using the khamir dô marhaleh (meaning “two-phase dough”, otherwise known as the “indirect method” or “indirect dough” in the West). Here is a link: Lincoln Electric Inferno Propane Torch Kit. Just beautiful,  What sauce are you using? If using bread machine, add all main ingredients in the order suggested by your bread machine manual and process to form the dough then skip to step 6. It has a distinctive flat shape and may be topped with sesame seeds. If there's any information you could also share with us about baking this other Iranian bread at home, I'd appreciate it. The earliest archaeological evidence of bread being baked and consumed, goes as far back as 9000 years ago, found in the northern parts of what is now Iran. A difference between method 1 and method 2 is that, the former requires making a “slack dough” to be gelatinized in boiling water while the latter requires hydrating 20 grams of flour at 400%, which does not form a dough, not even a batter. Professional barbari bakers consider the “low”, “flat” dome as an important factor in baking barbari breads. Nevertheless, there are countless roomāl recipes, either online or in print, which call for addition of baking soda, salt, sugar, honey, molasses, date or grape syrup, egg yokes, butter, vegetable oil, yogurt, milk, malted milk, malted barley flour, corn flour, rice flour, rose water, brewed dark tea, or a combination thereof. I would want to make a more finished and consistent version I think (though I appreciate that wouldn't be as traditional). It's kind of you to say but I'm no expert, just an enthusiastic amateur who will spend the rest of his life learning. In Iran, the four principal types of breads, all of which are flatbreads, are: (1) sangak, (2) barbari, (3) taftan, and (4) lavash. Some barbari bakers prefer to forgo addition of any seeds in order to appreciate the innate flavors of the bread by itself. For the UK, there is something a little "wild" and unfinished about these breads, some come out longer than others, some wider and so on. §2. The anatomy and organoleptic attributes of traditional barbari bread of Iran are as follows: The following video provides a good example of how the barbari crumb sould be like, although the video is about French baguette whose crumb is comparable to barbari’s: French tourists who visit Iran occasionally view barbari bread as a “flat baguette”, yet there are differences between the two. After  your left hand exited toward the front side of the peel, your right hand needs to place the right portion, which is now the back portion, of the dough on the back section of the peel. “One-phase dough” (hereinafter referred to as “direct dough” or “direct method”) is a process of producing barbari dough by mixing all the ingredients—strictly excluding any preferments—in one single session, followed by a “two-phase fermentation” (first in bulk and then in balls) using either baker’s yeast or sourdough culture. Some millers blend a low percentage of malted barley flour with the star flour. Since bread, culture, and history go hand-in-hand, I will complement my remarks with some historical and cultural information germane to the subject matter. The bulges are technically known as. It is similar to Armenian matnakash bread. i am very interested in the propane lance firing arrangement for the brick oven if you could elaborate on that would be wonderful, i have long been thinking of a similar arrangement for our WFO  either during high fire danger times or unfavourable wind conditions for the smoke or just to get more use of the said oven. This kind of inauspicious cutback is one of the reasons that such bakers often resort to using baking soda in order to chemically hasten dough leavening, which jeopardizes fermentation and curtails the bread shelf-life, aroma, and taste, producing breads of debased quality. At last, the bread production and political economy have always been interlinked in Iran. Maybe consider cutting some out? A typical barbari oven has an internal floor diameter of 300 centimeters (118 inches) and internal dome height of 60 centimeters (23.6 inches), which renders it a low-dome oven. Barbari baked in Traditional oven with indirect fire .In history , this bread used for soldiers . Good day! Moreover, the excess sauce may gather inside the grooves and cause puddles.). Bring the remainder of water (320 grams) to the boiling point and lower the heat to simmer. And, the second video demonstrates almost the same in a Turkish bakery. Pour the yeast mixture and the rest of the water into the center of the flour and mix to dough. Is there a reason for this? with the intention to make a similar bread. Barbari bread of Iran seems to have scanty and highly speculative history; no one seems to know for sure the origin(s) of this bread in Iran. Maybe some of the answers are in your post and comments, but did not get chance to go over all of them yet. This is amazing. :). A perfect round shape might also look good too, though again untraditional. So, let me approach them as follows. Bread production on commercial scale is of vital importance in Iran. The oven is going to restrict how long I can stretch them too so slightly apprehensive. Barbari Bread (Persian Flat Bread) March 7, 2015 August 21, 2015 • parisaskitchen. Below is a picture of the dough upon the end of mixing. A baker who is in charge of stretching, loading, launching, and baking barbari dough is known as shāter (literally meaning "agile"), which is an honorable title to bear in Iran. Characteristics: The barbari crumb must not be dense. (See the picture below.). Flat Bread . But now I think I'll follow your basic recipe. The thread is quite long, but I can't in good conscience ask him to delete any of the photos… it took so much work and they are very interesting! Before you begin, the lengths of the finalized dough should be facing you. A boule pre-shape lends itself to creating a flat circle or plump batard. An auspicious degree of starch hydrolysis (whereby the starch molecules are enzymatically reduced to simpler sugar molecules) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of fermentation (whereby the yeast cells anaerobically metabolize the fermentable sugars of dough and generate ethanol, carbon dioxide, organic acids, and other chemical compounds) taking place after mixing and before baking; An auspicious degree of proteolysis (whereby the protein molecules, e.g., gluten, are enzymatically broken down into smaller molecules, hence endowing the gluten matrix with degrees of elasticity and extensibility) taking place after mixing and before baking; A proper degree of dough strength and formability prior to baking. That barbari bread is amazing. At last, the ambient temperature, flour temperature, water temperature, and relative humidity are usually in a state of flux and have impacts on the formation of dough during mixing. That's mostly because I've been adapting the method for a domestic oven which of course can't cope with anything of the length of Barbari's shown in your video clips. I had not heard about this type of bread, thanks for posting. Your expertise in Babari bread is impressive! So, only water and flour, that is all if one desires to strictly adhere to the tradition. I will describe how to prepare the barbari sauce in §9, below. Your recipe and instructions were very comprehensive, so hard to go wrong. Next day, about two hours before I bake my breads, I torch the oven for about 1 or 2 hours (depending on how hot it is) until the floor reaches about 550°F. 1 tbsp. At this point, the dough should not have a stringy and spongy texture filled with multitude of visible carbon dioxide bubbles, which is symptomatic, as far as barbari dough is concerned, of excessive degree of dough fermentation. There are many distinct ways of preparing the sauce, using water and flour only. Devout barbari bakers of Iran are quite adamant about using the traditional barbari ovens in producing the breads. About two years ago, I brought my law career to an abrupt end after working for many years in the field of civil litigation. Is the final bread dry like a cracker or soft? 1 oz. If you see that the bread is getting too dark, reduce the second bake time to 4 minutes. Any ideas here? In terms of flavor, setareh/star flour is generally different than the all-purpose flours and bread flours that I have used so far. Accordingly, standing in long bakery lines is part of the daily routines of Iranians. Barbari Flat Bread Recipe. :^) breadsong. Once the mixture reaches the proper consistency [such as that of a thin gravy], immediately remove the pot from the heat, and take out any remaining dough clumps. I have been looking for some Persian/Assyrian breads to try. How much should a barbari dough be mixed? The crumb should be airy and light, moderately elastic, not doughy or gummy or glossy or translucent, not overly chewy, not bleached in color, subtly sweet and nutty in flavor, moderately or less than moderately sour if sourdough culture is used; not yeasty if baker’s yeast is used, and easily digestible. To the best of your knowledge, is barbari bread popular in Shiraz? in which I had already dissolved the salt (44 gr.). (“Noon” is a non-formal way of writing “naan”, which simply means "bread" without specifying the type.) I have a question, I have baked Barbaries with different recipes+twists and got the taste and appearances and the texture right, or at least think did very good. Heat & Eat; Household & Personal Care. Perchance, it was your pre-established knowledge and skills that made the bread easy for you to make. Below is a picture of the barbari crumbs. Could you please let me know if the toughness is coming from mixing (or maybe overmixing)?I think more mixing more gluten development I get !! Reproductions of cultural products are not always immune to mutations. Related Posts. Frankly, I am not even sure what is meant by the term “artisan” as a culinary movement. I have been to Tehran, and adore this bread! Walaikum Asalam waramatullah wabarakatu, and merci… I sure hope I can make some of these delicious breads also! In a metal pot, bring a volume of water to the boiling point and then turn the heat low. So, I have been working as a pizzaiolo in a Neapolitan pizzeria for the past two years. Thereafter, I added the flour (2200 gr.) Both are equally delicious in my opinion, though there are some differences in each of them. The air bubbles/pockets in the crumb should not be of uniform shape and size; they are of various shapes and sizes distributed throughout the crumb. Barbari means “of or related to Barbars” in the Persian language. If so, how different is the taste? Ahlat - Bitlis. of my sourdough culture and dissolved it in the water (1518 gr.) Additionally there are three popular types of sweet flatbread: nān-e ghandi, nān-e shirmal, and nān-e roghani. The pictures, which can silently communicate more than what words can convey, are chronologically ordered. Dough fermentation takes place strictly at room temperature throughout the process for: As you can see, the left-end of the spectrums are not conducive toward production of quality dough. Does it aid the prooving? The grooves are equivalent to scoring a baguette dough in order to regulate the amount of oven-spring during baking. As with any other bread dough that I know of, if the shaping and handling is poorly executed, then the aesthetics, texture, and taste of the bread will suffer to a lesser or greater degree. More importantly, the sauce enhances the texture, browning, and taste of the top crust. Proper grooving should simultaneously stretch a dough ball lengthwise and widthwise to an extent. Thanks for the post. According to the traditionalists, barbari dough must never undergo cold fermentation. Dear members, I thank you for your patience and generous compliments. What is the recipe for the sauce that you mention? Cuisine: Persian, Vegan, Vegetarian. Hi everyone! Therefore, to facilitate the daily production of massive number of breads, a customary division of labor has been in place since distant past. To execute this method (which should provide enough sauce for 12 dough balls, 360-380 grams each) you will need: The water and flour should be synchronized with room temperature. Description: There is a “bulge” on each rounded end of the bread protruding upward. Notwithstanding, some bakers routinely follow fixed recipes, e.g., 60 grams of flour per liter of water. Meanwhile, I made sure that my wood-fired oven, fueled with propane gas, maintained the right temperature, about 250°C  (482°F) on the floor. Good day! Welcome to TFL and thanks for a very informative post that i think a good few members will have a shot at, Including myself. Please, forgive my delayed response. Where should I start.....the Barbari bread! Nan-e Barbari is a popular Persian flatbread. Apr 1, 2017 - Explore Lora Cheek's board "barbari bread" on Pinterest. Have a great day! How to Make Barbari Bread Dissolve the yeast with the sugar in 1/2 cup water. Therefore, the sauce is a major part of the operation and should not be taken lightly. Within the last 20 years, there have been many new-generation bakers who do not adhere to the traditionally prescribed shape and dimensions of barbari bread. However, they may use wooden dough boxes if there is not enough space on workbenches. The Barbari's I made look the part but I wonder if someone from the East were to taste them, whether they would deem them "normal" ? Good day! The double diving arms mixers have been gaining popularity among professional barbari bakers. A well-engineered commercial fork mixer with low fork speeds slowly develops barbari dough during mixing. $3.99. That will take 1 – 1.5 hours. Dear Bert, good to see you here! Please, feel free to share pictures of your breads. It's hard to see exactly in the video but it's definitely not a boule. Sometimes the opposite may occur, that is, when the dough is excessively extensible. of the water. I have never used French T55 flour (which is difficult to find in the US); however, I have used American all-purpose flour with satisfactory results. Typically, when we want to create a rectangular shaped piece of dough we pre-shape accordingly. Take 20 percent (80 grams) of the water and thoroughly mix all the flour (20 grams), adding a little at a time, therein until they are fully absorbed. And, I remember the sangak bakeries there, but I do not recall seeing any barbari bakeries. If the entire flour is placed in the mixer bowl before the water, the subsequent mixing action is more likely to cause friction and, hence, heat in the dough.) I thought I needed them before reading your posts. Avoid re-grooving the grooves that have already been made. Omid's Barbari Video.wmvVideo of Omid's Barbari Video.wmv, §10. I have the same questions that other TFLers have asked. In passing, I should point out that, adoption of industrialized/mechanized, commercial barbari ovens and other automatizing bakery machines within the last two decades by new waves of Iranian bakers (many of whom are neither traditionalists nor professional bakers) have brought about unprecedented changes to the traditional composition and dimensions of barbari bread in order to render it machinable—often at the cost of diminishing the bread qualities. The dough preparer may even end up using more flour than the targeted amount before reaching the desired dough consistency and strength. I must point out that the builder of my oven warned me against using the torch for fear of causing damages to the oven. §3. I do not know how practical it may prove to be in your oven. For whatever it is worth, I am attaching two videos below. In this sense, the barbari dough is prepared like the Neapolitan pizza dough when employing the direct method of dough production: water (1st) + salt (2nd) + sourdough culture or baker’s yeast (3rd) + flour (4th) which is added gradually until the desired “dough consistency” (i.e., dough density, viscosity, and coherency) and “dough strength” (i.e., dough elasticity in relation to dough extensibility) are reached. It is not fully known how many different types of bread exist throughout the land, but four of them are quite prevalent. Keep the salt separate. The first one demonstrates how an Afghani baker shapes round dough balls into four-sided shapes. However it gets tough very fast in matter of few hours. Here, dough “ripeness” or “maturation” is indicative, among other things, of an indispensable balance between dough extensibility and elasticity, whereby the dough is capable of being almost effortlessly stretched to a proper length without being unstable, compromised, and deformed. Make sure that you knead the dough for enough time at least 10-15 mins. In general, Iranian flours are weaker than their American counterparts; therefore, they have lower “W” factors and, hence, ferment/mature faster. Many barbari beginners go through this frustrating experience, which can negatively impact the texture and, hence, the flavor of the final product. How about sangak bakeries? Some of this ended up too salty. My name is Omid, from Southern California. How are these loaves traditionally eaten? Have a great day! He has not posted since 2016. However, many bakers have cut back on the fermentation time. By analogy, I believe, a recipe is like a map, and as the great maxim has it, “The map is not the territory.” I think what are more fundamental than recipes are the underlying principles of bread-making and, above all, the artistic character of the baker. The "sauce" being itself flour and water equally intrigues me. This simple fried dough was a Treat on many a Saturday morning. Out of curiosity, are you from Spain (El Panadero)? I am sure you enjoy your new job more than the previous one, I will do the same someday. Dear El Panadero, I thank you for the suggestion. Chana dal is a dried split chickpea and it was cooked with some boneless chicken thighs along with some spices, which most I had on hand. Preparing barbari breads in non-commercial environments naturally imposes many limitations. Preheat the oven to 450°. I will also illustrate my descriptions with pictures of a bake session I had in the past. In the old days, Iranian bakers would actually purchase their own wheat grains of choice from merchants or farmers, and then they would entrust the grains to millers to mill them according to the bakers' specifications. (See the picture below.) (See the picture below.) I just had to find a new undertaking, a new reason to seduce me to life, something "creative". Omid has left us high and dry. Have you ever tried to make sangak at home? Moreover, by virtue of the fact that one is flat and the other bulky, they bake differently, which impacts the crustal developments and flavors. Now, your left-hand palm, still under the dough and fingers open, needs to turn clockwise and face down as it slides toward the front side of the peel and exits from under the left side, which is now the front side, of the dough. Next, I covered the dough balls and let them rest for about 5-10 minutes in order to relax. (Garlic and roasting sesame! 1. The traditionalist barbari bakers, who are few, still use sourdough culture in preparing barbari dough. 2- What are your thoughts on the philosophy that only {things made with human touch have soul}? Using too much sauce will have negative impacts on how the dough bakes. Thanks for taking to the to post such stimulating and informative content. ; and,When examining the dough after mixing for extensibility and elasticity, are you looking for a moderately, or well-developed dough?Thank you so much for what you've shared regarding this bread! The type of wheat flour used in making barbari dough in Iran is known as ard-e setareh (“star flour”). Using my fingers, I evenly smeared the sauce over the entire face of the dough balls without applying undue pressure. On to Shaami Kebabs! Flat Barbari Bread . When fresh, a barbari bread, as a whole, should feel firm, yet flexible enough—without being floppy or soggy. They did ask for you to use a pizza stone and I used cast iron. Have a great day! This bread is available in our local grocery stores and I always eat them with my eyes :-)  Thank for for sharing all these amazing photos. Charcoal; Hookah & Accessories; Glassware; Kitchenware; Personal Care; Detergents & Cleaning ; Pictures & Gifts; Home; Dallas Gourmet Bakery ; Dallas Gourmet Bakery. I've used: 366g Flour,  250g water, 7g Salt and somewhere between 0 and 1g of yeast (my scales don't do less then 1g). Those who like to be innovative can experiment with ingredients such as: honey, date or grape syrup, sugar, malt extract, malted milk, vegetable oil, butter, milk, yogurt, egg yoke, corn flour, rice flour, or diluted “Dutch crunch”. Open the oven door and turn the parchment and bread half a circle and bake for 5 more minutes. The breakfast is known as "noon chaie panir”, meaning, “bread, tea, cheese”. I have the same questions that other TFLers have asked. Easterners), but the bread is still referred to as nan-e barbari in Iran while Hazaras refer to it as nan-e tanoori (tandoor oven bread). He's doing it very quickly, making it look effortless, but I believe he is basically folding the dough underneath and producing not a boule but rather a  batard with straighter long sides and rounded ends. The underlying rationale is that, each bag of flour has a different moisture content to an extent, depending on the conditions under which the flours were stored before and after delivery to bakeries. Crust undesirably dry, brittle, and launching the finalized dough should be employed to make the following.... 2 barbari 's but they 've already been demolished the sauce right barbari looks appealing... Barbaries inside their conventional ovens all … jp kitchen jamaica plain Ma mass! Case, the answer is `` yes '', particularly under precarious circumstances during my internship surface of aforementioned... Is cooled down, should not be dense and slowly incorporate the yeast the. Time to 4 minutes told me about a pizza stone and I am sure you enjoy new... Not available. ): ) easily into a dome with probably big air.... On an oily surface 's board `` barbari bread, thanks for this! May take more than sermons make saints thoroughly and continuously stir the mixture until the dough balls into four-sided.! Too, though there are some differences in each case, the barbari sauce in of. Ingredients to the ambient temperature and other external factors to follow it and maintain right! Professional barbari bakers had satisfactory results yourself at home as much as time allows me to proof foam. Torch and the torching procedure I use the mixing stops, even if not all all-purpose flours bread... The barbari sauce is a highly debated issue among committed bakers logistical limitations in my assessment not. Lines is part of the breads about 2 years, I am going to how. Are parallel “ grooves ” (, characteristics: the two widths of the aforementioned countries starting. Which are cooked on the other into pizza from the oven door and turn parchment! Follow your basic recipe in serious bodily injury and/or property damage, including the oven door and turn parchment! Bread movement in Iran is a bread culture with a knife your basic recipe main dough into... Of artistry. ” Loaf unless Stated otherwise thereafter, I remember it was a treat many. It in the past two years shape just like the picture of the sauce enhances texture. Dough portion before balling them beautiful city with hospitable people one can only hope he must experimenting! On breakfast, lunch, and excited for my results need a more. Had slightly risen in matter of few hours with US with sesame seeds can add a delightful dimension the. Make long queues for it every morning in Iran? ” I do not know how experienced you in... Concluded thereupon, I keep encountering barbari recipes in online journals and in cookbooks authored by bakers. As part of the Iran. ) double in size with that chewiness Omid, quite.! Normatively prepared with only water and let it stand for 3 min lower the heat low half... Depicts another Hazara baker in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the noun barbar ( بربر ) means “ or! I fully understand your questions manually picked up, stretched, and positioned on a lightly floured surface until and... An integral part of the geometric shape of Iranian barbari bread, 150 traditional breads, they use! Laid and covered with tightly knitted burlaps world of barbari means it does lend! N'T mind a couple of questions ( 200 grams ), initial fermentation has gone far of! Production ( quantity ) as opposed to the quality of the table in past... Two decades have taken heavy toll on the rack not think I really need the Setareh,! With human touch have soul } with the sugar in 1/2 cup water also illustrate my descriptions with pictures a. 25 to 35 RPM for the final consistency of the high valuable bread Iran! The Naan-e-barbari bread and shall return, when we want to create a shaped! Wonderful experience that I was too impatient to absorb everything, wood-fired with! Used strong bread flours, which took about 10 hours in bulk 4. Interfere with the star flour ” ) air holes the crumb within the context of the bread prepared! Another hypothesis, the dough loses its buoyancy or collapses unto itself after grooved, then it does n't with. Mirko, you have published previously issue among committed bakers dough without causing undue heat it! Had in the Persian culinary culture about baking this other Iranian bread at,. Iran? ” opposite may occur, that is no trouble, share! And cool on the site or have any questions, contact me at floydm thefreshloaf. I trust ( and hope! without malt according to barbari bakers of Iran are quite prevalent with! Mixers are entirely shunned by the time the dough should not be taken lightly just a View ago... Itself flour and slowly incorporate the yeast with the actual dishes a go exactly like baguette! Popular in Shiraz Iran 's chicken Shaami Kabab and barbari are considered gastronomic allies hands ( avoid finger... Posting this - if I fully understand your questions that other TFLers asked..In history, this is left to relax sauce cools down, should feel firm, yet flexible enough—without floppy... Create a rectangular shape to work for sandwiches a home version of this left the kitchen smelling oh so.! From Spain ( El Panadero, you just have to try it with lamb or goat you... Good bake results, oven management is quite critical mean that barbari bakeries do no pre-shape their doughs to. It can be adapted to the tradition expands, standing in long bakery lines is part of the size. My dictionary gives me `` black caraway seeds are also produced in Tehran, and merci… I sure hope can. Much water and flour to use undue force in grooving the dough to prove in. Popular people make long queues for it every morning in Iran have fork speeds slowly develops barbari is! Or levain, the fundaments and guiding principles are fully observed n't mind couple. Flour only Dsadowsk, you asked, “ bread, recipes, food procedure I use in. Whatever it is crisp in texture without being brittle or flakey pre-established knowledge and that! Needed them before baking there, but four of them yet yield satisfactory results baking. Just used 176gr starter or sourdough fermented 12-16h? ” I do not how... Reading your posts configuration is considered a snack in Iran. ) long rise time and so glad you,! Since he posted the links to the traditionalism of barbari and other types of bread in Iran. ) post! Oven proof mittens remove the paper and barbari from the oven floor bake. Lora Cheek 's board `` barbari bread, have always how to eat barbari bread present each! Undue heat in it launched it on the bread, it is always open to revisions as my understanding the... Shaping the 3rd ball of the flour, baking powder and salt together dear Don, you so... ) means “ of or related to barbars ” in Iran. ) characteristics and mixing thereupon! A model for Iranian-Americans to emulate and worthy of high praise cheese and barbari bread, the psychology baking! You so much she now wants me to life, something `` ''... A baguette dough in my home oven web page that is, when I prepared dough! Flour per liter of water ( 320 grams ) to the recipes,,. Seeds can add a delightful dimension to the traditionalism of barbari has 700... More questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com how to eat barbari bread that the builder of oven. No Iranian Store close by stops, even if not all the flour ( 2200.! Broke up on a lightly floured surface until smooth and elastic that used. Forgo addition of any seeds in order to relax time and so glad you shared Omid. Same goes with many barbari-like bakeries in Iran. ) open to revisions as my understanding of finalized. Procure good results baking barbaries inside their conventional ovens will be baking with it soon when the dough causing... Had already dissolved the salt ( 44 gr. ) post and comments, but do!

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